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Rockinghorse is a duet of live improvisers where an electroacoustic musician, Cos Chapman, and a dance theatre performer, Sofia Figueiredo, play with old and abandoned objects, sometimes even found in the specific site of the performance, to generate sound, movement and words. The objects transcend the ordinary to become characters of a sonic and visual theatre. Each Rockinghorse piece is a composition in real time, unpredictable and ephemeral for both performers and audience.

ROCKINHGHORSE are adaptable to any space and are always interested in performance opportunities.

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Structured improvisation and site-specific work are both critical aspects of my performing practice.



I like to see myself as a sculptor where my continuous choices are subject to the possible communication between the dancing body and a few select objects, especially old objects holding memories.

mobile: (+44) 074 3562 5450


email:  info@sofilli.co.uk