Sofia Figueiredo is a UK based performance artist and somatic movement educator, originally from Portugal.

As a performance artist she presents site-responsive structured improvisations, in the intersection of Dance Theatre, Objects, Aerial Dance and Visual Arts.

In the UK she mainly appears as ‘Rockinghorse’, duetting Cos Chapman, an electroacoustic musician and Improviser.

In Portugal, Sofia worked with FIAR -International Centre of Street Theatre - creating several participatory outdoor performance art projects within the community.

She was Co founder of award winning international transdisciplinary performance company ‘Circolando’ in 1999. At ‘Circolando’ she was co-creator and interpreter of award-winning outdoor shows, touring widely festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the UK and South Korea.

“I believe that Sofia Figueiredo is a most generous and original artist. Her performance style is intuitive, raw and compelling. She does not come from a particular ‘school’, ‘method’ or ‘style’. Perhaps this is what makes her performances unique.”

Stacy Makishi

Structured improvisation and site-specific work are both critical aspects of my performing art practice. I’m interested in developing an awareness of my internal sensations and perceptions, while maintaining an instinctive empathetic awareness of the audience and of the site or environment. The inner and the outer universes are bridged in a composition of expressed intentions and meanings that arise in that particular shared moment of time and space.   

When composing in real time, I like to see myself as a sculptor where my continuous choices are subject to the possible communication between the dancing self and a few select objects, especially old objects holding memories. Thus, the objects and the body are the raw material for assembling living dancing sculptures, which are vessels for the content of the audience’s imaginations. Each moment is a discovery for both audience and performer and eventually, an integrated sense of identity and participation arises through the act of collectively creating a shared space.

Sofia Figueiredo 2020