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Sofia Figueiredo is a qualified Feldenkrais Practitioner & member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK.


The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational practice of somatic movement. The word ‘somatic’ is used here to describe an approach that brings attention to the sensations and internal experiences of moving in the present moment. A practice of integration of body & mind as one live subjective process - the whole self.

Feldenkrais® is taught both in group classes and individual one-to-one lessons. This method was created by Moshe Feldenkrais, and is practiced world wide in an inclusive way. It is essentially a practice of self-discovery, designed for you to become aware of your habits and compulsive actions, which can develop into pain and organic weakness. This awareness helps you find, within yourself, other choices and alternative behaviours that allow you to experience more comfort and well being, both physical and emotional, in your every day life. Improving balance, coordination, flexibility and strength at any age; enabling one to act spontaneously, confidently and with ease in the world.


The group classes are movement explorations, mainly done while lying down on a mat on the floor, but sometimes sitting or standing. These classes are ideal for practicing online because you don’t need more than the space of a mat to lie on, a comfortable room temperature, comfortable clothing to move without restrictions and a blanket to cover your body if necessary. Then you are guided verbally, through simple and easy to follow instructions, into movement sequences, which you explore individually and only for yourself. These sequences of unfamiliar yet careful and effortless movements, engage your curiosity and your attention. In this way, you speak directly to your nervous system, entering into a process of self-regulation and self-creation, expanding your self image and opening up new possibilities within yourself and your life.

For adults of all ages and abilities